Women who attend a course....

  • get information about pregnancy, birth, and the important period that follows childbirth—all in their native language
  • have an opportunity to share their experiences with their peers and get answers to their questions
  • develop better awareness of their bodies and understand better the emotional changes that occur during pregnancy
  • stimulate their body perception and learn relaxation exercises, gently instructed by a midwife
  • are encouraged to discuss with other participants cultural customs and habits regarding childbirth
  • receive information about ongoing health provision and education opportunities for children in Switzerland

«Stillen» Englisch

“Ich habe schon zwei Kinder, aber viele Dinge habe ich noch nicht gewusst. Körperlich ist der Kurs sehr wichtig: Die Angst ist weg, denn ich habe mehr Selbstvertrauen in meinen Körper.”

Woman from Tibet