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Since 2018, Mamamundo courses are offered in the Cantonal Hospital of Lucerne LUKS. They are offered in collaboration with Caritas Lucerne and the cantonal departement of Health and Sports.

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Mamamundo in Basel

Since 2018 Mamamundo courses are offered in collaboration with University Hospital Basel. For further information please :
Universitätsspital Basel

Growing the Network

Few birth preparation courses specifically for migrant women actually exist in Switzerland

In order to guarantee equal opportunities for pregnant women and their children, national strategies recommend that birth preparation courses for migrant women be set up in other regions of Switzerland.

For cantons without existing offers,   Swiss Health Promotion  supports a coaching programme offered by the Mamamundo team. Mamamundo’s is a licensed, externally evaluated programme based on a detailed course concept. 
Here at Mamamundo, we gladly share our experiences in order to support new birth-preparation initiatives, and are happy to provide our written manual (German/French) to interested professionals.

If you are interested in setting up a birth-preparation programme in your canton, don’t hesitate to contact our management team.

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