Our offer

mamamundo Solthurn is a non-profit organization, recognized and subsidized by the Canton of Solothurn. Its purpose is to offer migrant women the same childbirth courses that are available to Swiss women and take into account migrants’ specific migratory, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds.
Our aim is to empower pregnant women and to strengthen their health competences. We follow a salutogenetic approach in order to draw on each woman’s personal resources and those of her entourage. 
Our focus lies in gentle relaxation and bodily exercises, and participant feedback proves how important this ‘body work’ is to pregnant women. The bodily exercises reassure course participants that—together with their unborn children—they can get through childbirth. 
In an everyday life that is sometimes both challenging and tiring, participants can profit from our relaxation exercises and practice them further at home. This can help them to stay balanced and to boost their physical and mental well-being.
Exchanging thoughts and feelings with other pregnant women can provide a participant with support and reduce social isolation. This is important, as many of these women live far away from their families.    

The courses are recognized and partly paid for by health insurers. A fund exists for women without insurance or the necessary financial resources to pay for the course.

The courses are open to all women living in the canton of Bern.
mamamundo Solothurn is a non-profit organization and is supported by the Department of social affaires of the Canton of Solothurn.