“In the end, we always had a different, beautiful body feeling.”
Woman from Sri Lanka
Course Instructor Bern
We are looking for a new teacher for our English courses in Bern.
“The course leader was like a mother: she said it slowly, so we could understand it.”
Woman from Syria

Licensing system

mamamundo's roots are in Bern. mamamundo Bern is responsible for running classes in the canton of Bern, as well as for national circulation (expansion).

mamamundo Bern issues licences to other cantons that would like to offer mamamundo classes in their region. By using this system we aim to guarantee the quality criteria that mamamundo is known for at the new locations. This promotes transparency and trust, which is what mamamundo is all about. The licensee group benefits from using an established name and logo, from translated documentation and films in various languages, use of the website and interaction with the licensees on an annual basis.

› Written manual mamamundo (Version 2017, in German)
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